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BLACK FLAG color 7"s


Time for something totally different but totally cool and essential; BLACK FLAG colors. I have my eyes on getting colored represses of classical Hardcore releases, as you already know. But not only DISCHORD releases are on my radar, also BLACK FLAG releases. I share this interest with my a fellow blogger MCS. So reading his posts stimulated me or kick started the vibe again. So here’s what I got:

black flag nervous breakdown SST records 7 inch vinyl blue
Black Flag “Nervous Breakdown” BLUE vinyl
black flag six pack 7 inch clear milk SST records vinyl color
Black Flag “Six Pack” milky CLEAR vinyl
black flag TV party 7 inch orange vinyl SST records
Black Flag “TV Party” Solid ORANGE

Definitely only a needle in the haystack of all the colored BLACK FLAG releases out there… There’s something irrationally desirable about these, prices increase pretty fast and I really don’t get why, they aren’t so hard to find, but sell out quickly though. Are they historically significant? That’s subject to argument for sure!

We are in a welfare society, hardcore and punk rock are products of western welfare societies! And BLACK FLAG somehow exaggerates/magnifies that sometimes useless consumerism in our western societies. And these records somehow embody that…. Both the satyriasis of TV watching of drinking beer in the lyrics and on the covers.

That’s one of the things I learned from these records… Does that make them relevant? I think so…

Another thing that I got from these is the fundamental entertainment properties of music that is also a part of hardcore. But also the insanity and irrationality that make the genre strong somehow. But I really need to elaborate that another time.

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