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Black Scale X Reaper Records

Collecting Reaper Records seems to be my full-time occupation lately. So dedicated that I bought another “Live By The Code” version. Actually a special marriage between Black Scale and Reaper Records.

I do not see the point in why this pressing was done. Everything seems very commercially driven in my eyes. Black Scale is a NYC based clothing company I guess? Do not immediately see the link to hardcore.

Although it is a cool looking version. It also has the book with explanations of the code, as previous pressing did.

terror live by the code black scale press reaper record
Terror “Live By The Code” BLACK SCALE version LP

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  1. yeah that special version at this point doesn't seem to make much sense. i mean, what for? coloured copies of reapers first press still available and black scale being a clothing brand – that's weird! but admittedly it looks really nice! better than the regular copies if you ask me.


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