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Blind To Faith – Gehenna 7 inch


Sweet little record we have here, nothing that special but it’s a Belgian and American band split 7 inch and first of all Blind To Faith. Their side brings us two new tracks that aren’t on the LP. And has backing vocals by Stephan Bessac of European fame and dominance Kickback. The only minus I can think of are these ridiculous werewolves at the beginning of the song “R.J.” Someone please erase that from the 7 inch and would be perfect…

Anyway we have here the pre-order version on gold wax but it’s a weird fact that Dom from A389 Records is keeping the pressing info off-line:

vinyl photo

The American band that’s on the flipside is Gehenna. And this is the cover of the record. Artwork done by Simon Siech.


Check Szymon Siech’s facebook page and like Blind To Faith and this artist! For those who don’t know Blind To Faith is a Belgian Hardcore Holy Terror superband with members of Rise And Fall, Reproach, AmenRa.

Exists also on this more common colourway.

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