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Blindfold test pressing !! (8000-crew essentials)

Couldn’t resist to make this BLINDFOLD 8000 crew hardcore related post! Because I’m pretty stoked on having this gem. Am talking about a record from which the title says it all; “Sober Mind Meditation”. Many people don’t know about this record outside of Europe or even Belgium. People know about H8000 but few know about the phase that went before this, namely 8000 crew.

The record I’m willing to discuss is on Warehouse Records and this is a TESTPRESS of it! Can’t believe I have this in my collection now. And do not know how many were pressed. As you can see, Edward wrote on both sides on the blank vinyl label, I recognize his handwriting and he is the one who ran that label!

For those who don’t know, this is regular version:

Pressed on BLUE vinyl, as are all of these!

The first song is called “Fact”, a classic that is also to be found on the Restrain The Thought LP.

… bind me to yet another necessity and turn the key another round further into slavery

The B-side has an exclusive track called “More Apparent Than Real”. Although the Polish put it on the “Live In Simple Beauty” tape also. Fast and devotional, poetic guitars on the background! To the point and intelligent observations of people surrounding the 8000 crew. Things have never changed, BLINDFOLD nailed it in 1992 for the entire decade and things are still relevant up to now!

You try to make my ego grow while waiting to break.

Why should I take your hate and see it as love?

Why should I take your disrespect and see it as support?

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  1. I stand corrected then! Thanks H. !!Hebben de bandmembers dan allemaal een test gekregen ofzo? En hebben ze die dan gepersonaliseerd? Of komt dat in het H8000 BOOK ook?

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