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Bridge 9 did it again, but sadly for the last time, they pressed an awesome CEREMONY Record! As I heard in a video interview, Ceremony wants to lessen their live show delivery and start to make music more fit for people to listen to in their bedrooms or at home in general! Probably the main reason why they aren’t no longer on BRIDGE 9 Records!

Anyway again a totally beautiful package and the best of songs on their farewell release of Bridge 9. I ordered two of those packages with RED silkscreened vinyl and a really huge poster! Here’s some pictures that don’t do right to having those objects in your hands for real or seeing the poster hanging on your wall for real:

I think I just received a well deserved package after doing that hard eBay sale! I’m happy and can make you happy too because I have a double that I might trade for something small. Just contact me if you want it and know that I collect H8000 and REAPER RECORDS stuff!


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