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Clear ODK Crew

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Super honoured to have been able to buy the clear ODK Crew 7 inch. ODK Crew was a band that I knew from living in the same town as the band members. They were people I looked up to. The drummer Ilja also drummed for Congress, the guitarist Bob was Vitality’s lead guitarist and manager, the bassist AK was also doing bass for Vitality and the singer Micha was a few years older than me and was a friend of a friend.

This particular version is clear vinyl and numbered out of 8 copies. The stamp is the same style as the one used on the Sober Mind and Genet Records release but it’s a Frostbite Records Release. There are traces of black mixed in, which gives it an unusual look for clear.

The musical approach was totally different than the traditional New School metallic Hardcore everyone was playing at that time. But that was the intention; to play something different than the most. They played Old School Hardcore and even covered a song from Belgium’s first Straight-edge band Rise Above as bonus on the 7 inch.

Lyrically they describe the social part of Hardcore; friendships, the drop-out, the mission and why of the violent dancing part. But the lyrics are sometimes too right wing and radical in my eyes…

ODK Crew: Hardcore, My Vitality music video
ODK Crew: Carnals music video
ODK Crew: True Warriors music video
ODK Crew: Our Violence music video
ODK Crew: Real Deal music video (Rise Above cover song)

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