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Congress & Liar Test Press

The test press of the Liar and Congress split 7 inch. Had to give up quite a lot to get my hands on this, through an Instagram deal. Also got some other records in the trade. The record was made for the H8000 Fest in 2002. And is actually one of the most logical splits on earth in my opinion. Despite differences and competition they are the two foremost defenders of H8000 Hardcore. And both represent the H8000 Crew equally as much. Also their lifespan is almost equal, Congress started 3 years earlier but then Liar ended a bit later.

Although their music is labelled differently. Congress’ music is called “Edge-Metal”, also a term introduced by their label, Good Life Recordings. While Liar’s music is called “Death To False Metal” on their first CD release, also on Good Life Recordings (see coming post for further details).

Congress & Liar split 7 inch test pressing
test pressing close up

Great split release from which the regular copies are hand numbered out of 500 copies. This is the test press from which I have no clue of how much were made, 7 people own this (according to So this gives a hint but nothing is certain.

The cover is a reference to Congress, Josh told me he watched lots of vampire films. There is also a reference to this on the b-side label of the ‘Euridium’ 7 inch. See the photo beneath:

Also the comic cover of the Euridium 7 inch has Josh Fury associated with Dracula, the bat wings…

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