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Discovery Of Unknown Records Confirmed

I received a record straight from the REAPER Records DIY store that isn’t on the pressing info list! Which is pretty exciting for two reasons:

  1. It is a version that is never seen before and not supposed to exist. So very rare. But also definitely legit because it comes from the one and only instance that has the right to make it, the label!
  2. After applying logic on two unknown recordversions, it confirms my theory that Reaper Records sometimes makes records that aren’t listed by using another sleeve instead of the listed sleeve. Or otherwise put makes “switch-versions” !
    This theory came to being by getting this record in the mail. BUT this record came from a person who has nothing to do with the label, so I couldn’t unanimously say it is legit… AND now that the same thing (“switching” of two versions) happens with another record that now IS coming from the label, we can be sure and confirm the theory!

When you look at the pressing info page, you can see that it isn’t listed:

Any logic-experts that can deny this theory???

I guess not, because it’s like this formally:

A exists

B = A

=> B exists

In which:

A is the STANDARD A.W.O.L. cover with BLUE vinyl SWITCH

B is the POSI TERROR demo cover with GOLD vinyl SWITCH

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