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Don’t let it EXPIRE…

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EXPIRE is one of my favorite contemporary bands. That’s why I needed the LP and why not pick it up on Gold while it’s still available. It seems that Bridge 9 firstly sold out the pre-order, which is logical. But less logical is that they then sold out the Clear version out of 1000 copies. Probably due to the high distributor-demand.

Also if you are in Belgium, be sure to check them out on 27th of February in Maaseik! They are in Australia now and also do Asia and the rest of Europe. It’s actually the first time I post a link to tourdates:

Well, here you are and at your service…

Anyway it wouldn’t be RWHAF if the post didn’t have a record picture or two:

expire pendulum swings gold vinyl lp bridge nine 9 record
Gold vinyl, first press out of 700 copies

That gold looks amazing to say at least. Well, I already bought the CD version to listen to it a lot and also in my car. It not always fun to hear what is said in the lyrics, but in a way they seem to bring reality in a fun way. That’s the art of hardcore I guess. Hard reality compensated by music and being with peers, bandmembers or being together in the moshpit, regardless of how many tattoos a person has. Or how old he is. Or regardless of what their hardcore activity is; passive supporter, active bandmember, label-owner, mailorder-guy or -girl, collector, blogger, zine writer, etc.

2 responses to “Don’t let it EXPIRE…”

  1. I never listened to this band, but recently got the 'America's Hardcore Vol 2' compilation and this band's song is one of the best on there. Might check this LP out. Looks nice…

  2. Yes, but it's Bridge 9 Records. I needed to really search hard for something else to meet the order minimum of $15. I chose the CLEAR Antidote repress. Not that I really needed all colors but might as well complete that while ordering this one…

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