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Don’t Stop The Youth

Nominated by many people for record of the year. I needed to check it out. My local distro still had a coloured copy in stock, so I took it. And yes, I like it too. It’s an energetic mix of trash and punk rock that unavoidably reminds me of Bad Brains, the masters of Hardcore Punk music. Globally speaking a bit fast and trashy also, so yeah, this record is approved.

Fireburn “Don’t Stop The Youth” LP

Cover art looks great and colourful also. Old school and hand drawn covers still do it for me. Unfortunately there are only three songs on side A and the B-side songs are reggae songs, from which one is the dub-remix of the other.

My copy comes on green clear vinyl, mixed with black smoke, what makes it look darker.

Released by Closed Casket Activities and has some Hardcore alumni in the line up. Israel Joseph from the Bad Brains, Todd Jones from current bands like Terror and Nails, Nick Townsend and Todd Youth, a New York Hardcore legend.

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