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EXPIRE Sink With Me 7inch

After lots of praises about the mid-west hardcore band EXPIRE, I decided to check in and actually buy the Expire teaser single on Bridge 9. Although Bridge 9 does not release so much that I’m interested in anymore. They also changed their strategy in mentioning the pressing info, as earlier they’d tell it right away, they don’t do that anymore. So now people have to guess if they want the most  limited colorway or they have to buy all colors if they want to be sure to have the most limited version. Done with buying a release just for flipping it on eBay already…

Anyway, I lucked out on my Expire single, it’s the most limited color. Although it wasn’t completely lucking out, as I know that split wax is more expensive to make than the fully clear wax, I guessed the BLACK / WHITE wax was more limited. Solely because it’s more expensive to make for Bridge 9.

It’s not the only split wax single that’s most limited also the Foundation teaser press was that way.

expire sink with me vinyl 7 inch wax split bridge nine 9

Although I admit that this theory isn’t completely closing, there’s still an amount of luck involved… I certainly don’t want to say that all split waxes are the most limited…

Enough small-talk already, the band is really good if you like real Hardcore, angry and pissed hardcore that is! No need to draw comparisons, they play a genuine kind of hardcore, that you will like if you’re into breakdowns and into a variety of tempo too; slower, heavier parts varied with faster, trashy parts.

A witty and realistic way of writing lyrics. Modern day interpersonal relationship are criticized and relativized.  Brought down to what they truly are, the hardcore way of dealing with things. Blatant reality, in the face truth with no frills spitted out.

They earlier had a release on SIX FEET UNDER Records. Although I’m in doubt whether to buy the full-length LP or not, I see it’s already up to it’s second pressing on Bridge 9.

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  1. Buy it Willem. It's really good.

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