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Finishing Up My TC s/t Collection

I have never before build up a collection in such a constructive way. I mean that I started with the least limited one and ended up with the most rare version. I think this is the most challenging way of collecting a certain record. Because when you start up with obtaining the rarest version, the most difficult part of your collecting is already accomplished. And then the rest feels like more of a drudge way of collecting.
The record that I recently obtained has already been mentioned here on this blog but then ofcourse in a different version. So now I close of this chapter with publishing the pre-order version of the TRUE COLORS s/t 7″ on Not Just Words Records.

true colors st s/t 7 inch pre order cover

There were certain issues though with this record. The first issue was that I promised a certain amount of money for it to a dude I already traded several time with. But I ended up being seduced by the Bridge Nine webstore and ordered some seveninches there. The result was lacking a part of the money I promised the dude. So I told it to the dude in total confidence, and he was merciful enough to let the deal go on. So I’m very thankful to him for that, I will do something nice back for him…
The second issue I had was that the record came in slightly messed up. The right upper corner of the sleeve was namely a bit folded. I had something like; “damn, this record being so important, rare, not that old and damaged. What a shame!”. But I picked up the spirit again and had the simple idea of putting the sleeve underneath a heavy book for a day. The result was terrific; the damage was reduced to being nearly invisible. So it is again in a condition that does the record justice.

This chapter isn’t totally closed by the way because these records will stay in my seveninch box till I die.


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