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For Those Who Were Crucified

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All Out War’s second LP “For Those Who Were Crucified” is one of those classics that I will always like. It was the follow up to their classic debut “Truth In The Age Of Lies”. It’s their best LP in my opinion. Victory Records pressed all records they have the rights on from start to finish again recently. This smoke vinyl version is one of those represses. It is the most limited version and suits the cover perfectly. This version is out of 171 copies, which isn’t too much.

This records has been pressed only twice before according to the Victory Records pressing info page. So yes, this is a rather unknown metal core piece. It’s not explicitly collectible for the masses. Although I know some people in Belgium who do collect All Out War vinyl with loads of passion.

All ut War LP Victory Records 2016 repress
All Out War “For Those Who Were Crucified” LP smoke vinyl repress
2016 Victory Records repress
All Out War “For Those Who Were Crucified” LP (2016 repress)

All Out War created with this second album the perfect mix of heavy Hardcore sometimes blistering fast, sometime draggingly slow with crossovers to Death Metal. They are the flag bearers of the Death Core genre. This powerful blend of musical styles combined with the strong, evil vocals and the dark apocalyptic song texts, all make their delivery perfect. At least for my ears.

I’m glad they put the record back in press for a while, otherwise this would have never been on this blog and I would have never had the chance to express my appreciation. I have actually never reviewed an All Out War title on this blog, so here’s what I call, an excellent opportunity to do so.

2 responses to “For Those Who Were Crucified”

  1. Shipping prices are OK, since they aren't shipping from the States but from Sweden!

  2. i am playing with the thought of getting a copy of that re-press myself, because my clear gold copy misses the last song. great album!

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