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Hazen Street LP green

Hazen Street is a small project of Madball and H2O members, together with Mackie Jayson. Who played in Cro-Mags (Age Of Quarrel line-up) and The Icemen. A New York Hardcore supergroup filled with famous people, formed in 2004.
The music reminds me of CIV and Gorilla Biscuits. It’s a more punk rock sounding delivery mixed with Hip Hop. There are also real Hip Hop parts. All in all less good than you might expect it to be. They just had some fun jamming together and this became their output.
The full length was formerly only available on a compact disc and is only recently available on vinyl.
The band’s name is taken from a street name in Queens, New York.

Clear green with white swirls vinyl

There are other colours pressed also:

75 Black
40 Mint ink Silk-screened sleeve
40 Silver ink Silk-screened sleeve
20 Hall Of Fame/Silver/Silk-screened sleeve
20 Hall Of Fame/Mint/Silk-screened sleeve
150 Mint Green vinyl/regular sleeve
140 Green and White vinyl/regular sleeve
140 clear Gold vinyl/regular sleeve (Core-Tex Exclusive)

No need to get any of the other versions, as I don’t really like what I have heard on this record. Sounds a bit too soft and I have missed the bite and groove.

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