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INTEGRITY "In Contrast Of Sin" OG 7"


I think ORGANIZED CRIME Records does a splendid job on reissuing the INTEGRITY releases. But nothing feels better than having an original in your hands. Such is the case with this YELLOW vinyl “In Contrast Of Sin” 7 inch.

integrity in contrast of sin vinyl 7 inch gold yellow victory records pressing
Yellow Vinyl out of 1000 copies
One Life – Drug Free

If you want to learn the differences between the reissue and the original, visit MCS’ post about it on Endless Quest blogspot. What many people are unaware of is the fact that there’s is another color from the first pressing on Victory Records, namely RED vinyl. This red vinyl version seems – according to the Official Victory Pressing Info Page – out of 200 copies only….

And on top of that, if you really like INTEGRITY and have sufficient money, you can go for the ‘Joker’ Sleeve version also.

3 responses to “INTEGRITY "In Contrast Of Sin" OG 7"”

  1. …ore you try to get one of the “promotional pre-releases”.out of #100 and in three different sleeve colors as far as I know…

  2. Hello Dimi, there's comment moderation with posts older than 30 days. I published your comment now.I THINK it's the same pressing. And think also that only some black copies have that sleeve with green instead of blue…

  3. Apparently the 1st press was:200 red1000 yellow3200 blackDo all these versions have the blue logo + cross, cause there are copies out there with a green logo + cross. Or is that an entire different pressing??

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