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Introducing xRULEx: A New Author For RWHAF

I am very pleased to announce that there is a new author for Records With History And Future. His blogger name is xRULEx and he resides in Germany. We met up through the internet by a record deal. Communication went smooth and our mutual respect only grew during other conversations.
He is not such an addicted record collector but does like my blog for the quality content about Hardline, the 90’s history in general and for the H8000 history I posted here in the beginning. He dislikes the music industry and cherishes bands and listeners independence of that business. Also the social dynamic that sprouts from sharing music is something he takes in high regard.
Despite the fact that we have our differences, I decided to invite him to write for this blog. He accepted and will write here on a monthly basis approximately.
It’s not a matter of vinyl collector’s blogs versus download blogs per definition. The sometimes hard stances that are taken by both parties take lead us to into a polarized social situation. That’s something I dislike and he also. We both have the same passion about the 90’s and that unites us. So expect some cool posts coming from him in the future. I’ll lift my lazy bump and will try to get things back written up also…

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