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L.O.T "How Good The World Could Be Again" LP/CD

cover CD digipack


After the two great earlier releases; “Approach To The New World” and “Shame To This Weakness Modern World”, Length Of Time made their most clear statement. Opinions about what is their ‘most defining’ or just ‘best’ release differ. I’ve heard compliments on all three in an equal amount. The spread of opinions works in their advantage. There’s no general consensus.

I got into their work in 1998 with the release of their first LP. I wouldn’t say that it was because the H8000 was declining that they got bigger, that’s not it. Bands are dependent of circumstances beyond their power for sure. But that implicates that also the broader society and spirit of age play a role in a band’s popularity. There was already a lot of criticism towards (Christian) religion started by the H8000 bands. Length Of Time took it to a more organized form with their Holy Terror embrace.

Length Of Time LP red vinyl how good the world could be
Length Of Time “How Good The World Could Be Again…” LP red vinyl

Also it was the last release on Good Life Recordings. I guess after working together for two full lengths and one 12 inch ep things between them and Good Life weren’t that bad after all.

This sound is further away from their fast paced sound from their begin days. It slowed down. Also the Merauder-styled riffs combined with Life Of Agony melodic parts haunt you in the middle of the night. At the end of the record there’s a neo-folk song.

What many people don’t know is that there a limited digipack CD out there, that has an extra and rather long spoken word (not by the band) at the end of it. Also the lettering on this CD is glossy silver. Would have been cool if the vinyl cover also had gotten this treatment.

digipack CD with shiny silver lettering of front and back cover

I’m glad to own these two objects.

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  1. fantastic record. i'm glad you found a copy!

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