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Lärm ‘Extreme Noise’ Discography 2LP

I was full of expectations after I ordered the new Lärm Discography – for those who don’t know; Lärm was Europe’s first real Straight-Edge band. But the gatefold sleeve of the records came in very damaged. The packager of this record obviously has no clue of the existence of STIFFENERS! Damned. But in a way maybe this is a metaphor for many Lärm records and the punk aggression, I dunno…

The overall packaging does not look bad at all, but I miss information! Here’s a visual of the intensity of songs on each side of the vinyl:

And here’s a visual of the metaphoric damage, if your heart can take such stuff:

What am I to do? Order a new one, get a kind soul to send me a new sleeve? Or just listen to those…. ?

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  1. Yes David, you are right! Nobody cares about my record being damaged. But I wanted a good copy as I ordered it new. I'm sure some can understand the frustration that follows after such an event and that's why I posted this…

  2. Play that shit fuckin' loud and proud and who cares about some dented cardboard. It's those dutch crazymen of Lärm, they wouldn't care either.

  3. I feel your pain Willem, you paid for a mint copy and then you receive this. Sucks big time. Could be woede, i for one lost grip on my most cherished 7″ last week, it fell down and has a crack in it now and some scratches, but Found one on eBay this week and it's on it's way as we speak.


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