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LINK "Chapter I" LP: Neat Package

I really need to share my admiration for the packaging of this 5 song one-sided 12″. The record comes with gold screened artwork on a thick black paper fold out cover. Well, see the picture to make it clear to yourself that this is awesome:
Front cover
Opened cover with lyrics printed inside of the fold-out sleeve
Back cover

Here I need to stand still by the number of organizations involved with this release. Check them out by clicking on the picture. Maybe someone needs to clarify this in a comment?

The screened B-side
Stunning isn’t it. Beholding all this, I was in doubt whether to play this or not, considering all it’s beauty. But I cut the rope and put on my record-player without any remorse. The music sounds well also, doomy and gloomy modern crust with melodic parts woven into it and evil female vocals. These kids really need to look out though, because such a packaging creates high expectations, but in my eyes they succeeded the test very well. Time to put this precious in my storage boxes, way to beautiful to take the risk of damaging…
Such packages have really become the trademark of the contemporary Belgian scene. Where are the times that there wasn’t enough money and know-how to create these things…
I ordered this at Good Life but I know Chaos Is Ours is the label that released this. They have it on gold vinyl also.
Black 400
Gold 100

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  1. Thanks for the kind words!The reason for the multiple labels is very simple… money. It's very common in the 'crust-scene' to release your record on more than one label simply because there is less money involved in this scene (compared to hardcore). Label owners have less money to invest in releases, that's why they join forces.Biggest advantage is that the records is spread all over europe because the labels are from different countries.Keep up the good work with your blog! I enjoy reading it.LINK

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