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Listen to music, read lyrics and buy records. With this motto kids can’t go wrong. Carry on tradition and don’t teach them that downloads are the way to present music. There are far more better ways to present music. Don’t push the kids in the illegal atmosphere of downloads. With all those commercials that appear on download pages, that have nothing to do with Hardcore. All those barriers you need to take. Having to wait until the download start and having to unzip that, seems like a lot of hassle to me. It has got nothing to do with hardcore. File-sharing sites are third parties and take nothing but profit on our culture, that’s wrong. Also iPod’s get broken, computers crash, copied CD’s get wasted, but records stay here forever.

So I still buy records and enjoy what I’m doing. This time a new Terror 7 inch was found in a German store that has an exclusive color of it available. This version’s color isn’t the only other property since there is also a sticker on it with the slogan I started this post with and with numbering. I wonder if there are yet other colors, besides the two Reaper Records colors out there?

Terror ‘Live in Seattle’ 7 inch
Merchpit edition, numbered out of 300 copies

Say what you like about this band, I still like a healthy dose of Terror… The live songs are from several periods in Terror’s career. From the demo “Life And Death”, “Hard Lessons” from the latest LP, “Keepers Of The Faith” from the same titled full-length and “Keep Your Mouth Shut” from my favorite Terror album One With The Underdogs.

The clue is that Reaper Records pressed these but that Germany’s Merchpit made a numbered limited edition of their color by putting a sticker on the right place.

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