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MADBALL R.A.H.C. 7 inch United Blood stamp


Who really cares about collecting Madball records nowadays? Maybe I’d better bought their first 7 inch called “Ball Of Destruction”? But no, this one is a cool one to have as their are only twenty in existence. This one in particular has a stamp in silver ink on the cover. They did that to differentiate the copies bought at United Blood festival in 2011 from the regular store copies.

madball nyhc rahc real american hardcore 7 inch reaper records
Madball “R.A.H.C.” united blood stamp
Freddy and Hoya in full action 

The copies with the United Blood stamps were easily created by the label but are hard to find specialties for collectors it seems, especially when you are in Europe. The continent on the other side of the Atlantic where the fest took place.

Another one I picked up from the same dude – who runs Save My Soul records – was one I thought to have since it came out. Because I kept it sealed, as it came from the Reaper Records bigcartel store, I never saw they actually delivered the wrong color. A while ago I decided to finally open it and saw I was fooled. But no worries I found this copy reasonably cheap and fast.

SOS “I Owe You Nothing” solid gold vinyl

As you see, S.O.S was a super group in Hardcore, featuring members of Agnostic Front, Terror, Madball, Trapped Under Ice and Hatebreed…

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  1. yeah, i missed out on the red vinyl of the new madball record 'hardcore lives'. and nobody else seems to feature the new record. hardcore kids seem to have lost interest in madball. nice copy by the way!

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