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Man Lifting Banner 2LP RED vinyl

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Some people might argue on what we (Bloggers) do is useless. But all ignorance aside, the real know that it’s useful to make pictures and describe everything you know about a certain release for example on the world wide web. Ofcourse every true collector needs no further explanation… and I don’t need to elaborate my mission statement. In short this is a purchase guiding post! And I will elaborate it in a different post also later…

I was browsing the CRUCIAL RESPONSE Records mailorder, when I saw it listed. And to my pleasant surprise it also was pressed on colorvinyl. So I ordered that stuff since it looked totally awesome and essential, not to say very interesting too…
Man Lifting Banner 2LP Red vinyl
Backside of the cover and tracklisting

The double LP is not in a gatefold and came with a huge poster:

“One day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich”
Also inside the package, there is to be found an LP-sized booklet with multiple pages that have perfect layout:

manliftingbanner lp red discography vinyl

Anyway, right now I’m only in the state of telling you that it’s recommended to order this, for I haven’t read what it’s all about. Although I see it’s a strong politically influenced left-wing band. With sympathy for socialism…

I can also advise you to read what Doug has to say about it on his site:

Anyway if you want it straight from the label you can get it on RED vinyl. But you’ll have to take a route full or perils (badly secured site) and not so sturdily packaged by the seller also.

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