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More ‘One Of A Kind’ Good Life LP’s

I check the rare section of the GOOD LIFE Webstore regularly in order to read the object descriptions and to check if there’s anything new. Well, the following LP’s have been a tease for a very long time. So I decided to finally buy them and add them to my other uniquely colored GL-releases. I already shared my first one of a kind LP’s from the label in a previous post.

The first one I bought is the one of a kind result of the transition between clear wax and red wax:

broken promises LP clear red vinyl good life recordings one of a kind transitional
It came out very nice vinyl-wise in my opinion. This one is indisputably a ONE OF A KIND. As isn’t the case with the following LP. This pressing of the STATECRAFT Lp on green has more copies on green, don’t know exactly how many, BUT there is indeed some BLUE in it, also slight YELLOW streaks. Check for yourself:
statecraft to celebrate the forlorn seasons LP green vinyl good life recordings
If you look at it from a detailed point of view, this is indeed a unique copy but it isn’t that outspoken enough I think. There are sources that say that in order to speak of a One Of A Kind, it needs to be at least 50% different in wax proportions than the other copies.
But anyway glad to add this to my other Good Life releases in my growing collection of them. If you want to check those other One Of A Kinds, just go here
And a merry Christmas to everybody who reads my blog, your readership is much appreciated and I hope my effort I put in this too!!!


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