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Nasty "Shokka" LP

I’m way late in buying this record. That’s also the reason why I got a second pressing copy. A while ago I was reading Tino’s blog post about this record. He was enthusiastic about it. I checked out their new music also by following a link on his blog to a player. And honestly yeah, I liked it also. But it seemed that this wasn’t convincing enough to spend my money on it then.

Nasty is both a Belgian and German band, I already featured two reviews of them actually. You can read the Nasty ‘Aggression’ and the Nasty ‘Give A Shit’ reviews. I’m sure many people will ask themselves why I put them here on this blog. Well, I try to be objective as a collector, but since all I collect is music I can’t always stay or be objective. Musical tastes can’t be argued or be fully rational or objective and remain personal at any time. The case is that I actually like this record and love the fact that it even has a proper vinyl release.

beatdown hardware Nasty Shokka LP green vinyl second press
Nasty “Shokka” LP second pressing of 400 handnumbered copies

Because Nasty is one of those bands that initially were too modern or too sensational to be released on vinyl. Their ultra hard and reckless music didn’t seem to be fit for vinyl freaks in the beginning of the band. Good Life Recordings only produced CD’s. Well, I think their music definitely deserves to be pressed on vinyl if you look at it from another point of view. Nowadays they play an even more abstract and minimalistic type of music. And they keep hitting hard without loosing their highly energetic an intense delivery also. Double drum pedal rhythms with aggressive hits on the guitar snares just seem to all fall into place naturally with these guys.

I actually feel that it’s their best release so far. And although the genre is not so fit for old guys and vinyl crate diggers it’s just this fact that makes it cool on vinyl… Released by Beatdown Hardware and also in the United States by Good Fight music.

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  1. i really hope their back catalogue gets pressed to vinyl!thanks for the shout out mate!

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