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Nations On Fire & Congress Demo tapes (OG H8000)

In the world of collecting H8000 music and related stuff – which is mainly territorially limited to Belgian people – there is a lot of myth surrounding the financial worth of the CD’s, LP’s and especially the demo tapes. So what do you need to offer for those tapes was the question in the process of obtaining these.

Another fact is that the H8000 stuff owners aren’t eager to sell their babies, whether it is a vinyl or a tape release, they don’t really care that much about selling. The result is that this stuff really doesn’t pop up that much even if you live in the H8000 area.
But anyways it took a whole lot of effort to obtain the demo tapes I mentioned in the title of the post. Anyway here they are, safely in my bedroom stored and loved:
It took a three days of negotiating to get something done and agreed!
Please be aware of the fact that within the circles of H8000 collectors these tapes are more desired than the vinyl. Those tapes are not more worth in cash but are actually the real deal in these circles. I can understand that and think that a band in it’s most primary, angry, generative state is indeed well worth of checking having and that that these tapes are very, very rare!
That Congress demo tape you see is the first press out of 50, I’m told. From that Nations On Fire demo tape, I’m not aware of how rare it is.

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  1. Yeah man, I got myself the tapedeck, listened to the tape. And there's no live-set added!I sold my rarest HH Record for that deck hehe!


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