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NATIONS ON FIRE’s first LP: Pressing Details


This post is created for showing the differences between the Regular and the Spanish version of the first Nations On Fire LP. The English one, called “STRIKE THE MATCH” and the Spanish version called “ENCIENDE LA MECHA”. Although it is called the Spanish version, it is actually the BILINGUAL version. Because only the language of the cover is Spanish, the rest (insert and back cover are English and Spanish).
To my surprise the vinyl-labels of the LP’s aren’t the same, neither are the record-companies who are mentioned on the back-cover. In words a bit abstract so I got these babies out of the collection and sealed vinyl sleeves to take some pictures off all this:

nations on fire enciende la mecha LP resistencia sin drogas spanish pressing
Fobia Records Label and the Spanish translation of “Drug Free Resistance”
A-side label of the black pressing
Colored press A-side Label
So you can conclude that only the Spanish version has a different label, and that despite the different presses of the regular black and the limited colored repress, the labels are identical.But also the B-side vinyl labels are different; so here’s another scoop:

Almost the same as the Other side, but then in English and with  Warehouse Records instead of cooperating Spanish label.
A picture of a soundguy called Donnell
The same picture of the soundguy appears on the limited edition also

So far for the vinyl-labels. Let’s head over to the back of the LP jacket:

(Please click on the picture to make it bigger) You clearly see the difference between the Bilingual and the Strive Music press. The appearance of the Spanish song titles and the English titles in a smaller case.
here’s zoom in on the recordcompanies taking care of the record. X-mist probably did the distribution and the labels who made the records were the one in the middle; FOBIA RECORDS and the right; WAREHOUSE RECORDS.
And to be complete, the both covers:
nations on fire enciende la mecha LP spanish press cover
Note that the black Strive Music press, hasn’t got a sticker on the cover
There’s also a small text on the Spanish version that isn’t on the “Regular” version:
The insert is also Bilingual:
English Lyrics, but the rest in Spanish
Spanish Lyrics
I had to check the matrixes of both Strive Music presses, in order to control Discogs if they are right or not about the assertion that the Limited Edition is a different press than the black. But both matrix etchings are completely the same:

STR-02-A  G.P.


So since everything; the vinyl-labels, the printed dustsleeve, the covers (except for the limited edition sticker) and the matrix etchings are the same, I come to the conclusion that Discogs is wrong! Unless someone out there gives me counter-arguments!
So there are only two pressings of this: STRIVE MUSIC pressing and FOBIA/WAREHOUSE pressing!


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