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New Dawn Of H8000?

Reason enough to put the blog back on public, that means for everybody to read! I’ve been busy trading, selling and buying lately, what else do you expect? And to start over with some real original 8000 to H8000 goodies.

Here’s a shirt that’s almost 20 years old, probably a question of months to the 20th anniversary of the first BLINDFOLD 7″ called “Deprogrammers Do Not Exist”, something you really need in your collection. This is the longsleeve shirt:


Another BLINDFOLD shirt from which I don’t know the time-period, I can only speculate mid 90’s because of the DRAGON design on the back.


Another thing I was looking for a long time is this record on PMA Records: NATIONS ON FIRE Live At Vortn’ Vis in Ieper. I already had the more common first pressing out of 1000. But this is the rarer out 500 copies second press:

Here are both of them, only difference is the Blue on the front and back cover that became Red!

ALSO very important and the main reason why I make this post is that the legendary and most interesting Zine made by H8000 alumni is finally released by Tom from REALITY RECORDS. It’s his first book and what a book!! So it’s available from his webstore or at shows in the local area. But also Good Life is distributing it.

It is selling quite quick and is in limited turnover, just saying so you don’t miss out!

Also RISE AND FALL have recorded songs with Josh Congress and Hans Liar for a seveninch called “Deceiver” that will be released by Deathwish inc. Also RISE AND FALL’s debut LP “Hellmouth” will be re-issued by that label! Many good things from Deathwish come from Europe!!

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  1. mate you take the green one from right under my nose…..wrote with jurgen but answered him some days to late cuz of paying it while i was on a trip…damnit!!!!

  2. You just made it look like it's my fault, and no I won't delete your comment because you have the right to say that but better addressed the seller about that. Sorry man, you should have played more on the ball to get that shirt!

  3. Haha…that’s the way you communicate in a small and independent scene? I only said that you are the lucky enjoy it..but what did you do? You compromise me with this ignorant saying!If you really have a problem with this post (can’t understand why) you should have delete it…but no, you wrote some shitty answer.And that from a person who have a “keepers of the faith” profile-pic….that’s so unbelievable!!! Realize what it means for hardcore and rethink your reaction…stupid kid!Go whine somewhere else he said….shame on you man!!!

  4. no mate, its definitely not your fault!!! i wrote with him and there is no problem that he sell it to you! …i was on a trip and had no chance to answer. so when, its only my fault! again,i just wanted to say that i missed it and saw at your blog that you are the person who were faster in the end…anyway…so my fault, your luck and no problem at all!!!

  5. hey, I have the 'deprogrammmers do not exist' shirt in blue (shortsleeve shirt). Bought it at a Blindfold gig back in '94. So I don't think this shirt has almost reached the age of 20yrs. anyway nice one…

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