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Since the release of their full-length on Deathwish Inc., OATHBREAKER began to reign the world of Hardcore at a pretty fast pace. Numerous reviews appeared on record collecting blogs, news blogs, etc. I can only celebrate this because the band is indisputably rooted in H8000 metalcore bands like Liar and that’s something I hear.

Nothing but positivity on their debut full-length, surprisingly well-received worldwide! So the label pressed another 1022 copies which is more than I expected! It’s also coloured vinyl.

While we are at it, I have the two first pressings:

oathbreaker maelstrom LP bronze vinyl deathwish inc
Brown Vinyl (out of 700 pressed)
bone vinyl white oathbreaker maelstrom LP vinyl deathwish inc
White Vinyl (out of 300 pressed)

But less known is their debut ep that was now pressed by THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT Records from the UK. And its MEGA-limited, so far as I know there are 2 colors and 1 black version, all out of approximately 70 copies only!

Blue / Purple wax
oathbreaker colored vinyl tdon thirty days of night 7 inch record vinyl

You can still order this limited 7″ here straight from the label!

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