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ON Double Vision LP Blue


Back in 2009 when this was released all of a sudden there was a sort of a global pressing program for this release. Two American labels, Reaper Records and React! Records but also Powered Records from Belgium let press this record.
Honestly I never heard of the band before those three labels decided to press this. So it was a mystery to me why. I asked myself if I had missed something? Obviously then I did miss something as collector, but now it seems that from a value point of view I didn’t miss a thing. Prices went down hard. Even for this blue band copy I payed no more than $10 on eBay. While at moment of release such copies went five time as much.

ON double vision lp blue vinyl control vital times
Blue colored press for bandmembers to sell
Blue vinyl out of 150 copies

Later I got to know that this 12 inch combined both 7 inches of the band, the “Vital Times” and the “Control” ep’s. I’ve got every color now.
There are also two pressings of the black, first and second. Anyone who reads this already found out the differences between those two black pressings?

What is also found in the sleeve of this blue version are two stickers and a typed letter of what Hardcore means to Patrick Reaper Records and Aram React! Records. The letter is titled “Hardcore”.

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