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It’s been a while since last post, I’ve been selling stuff, this took my time. But I also found some true gems from the Good Life catalog. That label has been producing heaps of good stuff in the past two decades. And although they don’t produce that much anymore, I still love them. Anyway when I tell Ed I’m working on a complete Good Life Recordings collection, he always laughs with it.

Anyway, top collecting and insanity might enforce each other. So I’m still madly collecting Good Life releases after all those years. And I’m truly getting somewhere. I also try to collect the sub labels. But Good Life is priority number one nowadays.

Here a gem that’s awesome looking, seems like an accident for some or maybe the result of good fun at the pressing plant. It’s the first press peach color, that isn’t mixed properly when the vinyl was still liquid. Orange consists out of yellow and red. With this one it’s still visible.

poison the well distance makes the heart grow fonder 10 inch vinyl peach god life records

I haven’t got the opportunity to tell you how good this record actually is on here before, so now is the time. Good Life was the first to discover them in the beginning of the 90’s and released their first three records on vinyl. They are now well-known and on larger non-hardcore labels.

Originally they come from Florida. And they might have created the blueprint for that metalcore from the area. The opening sentence “You think you are the only person on earth wishing they were someone else?”, might be a detail to many, but to me it kinda tells a lot about the nature of Florida hardcore. The often interpersonal lyrics are surely typifying not only them but also youngsters in general. When in teenager years one often deals with identity-issues and interpersonal issues. But what I’m trying to claim is that over there they always seem to have a deeper and often psychological view about them. The people in the scene over there seems of intelligent and insightful nature about those topics, well thought over. Maybe it’s also an american thing to be more open about and up front with feelings.

Well enough of the lyrical side already, they had two vocalists back then and they play a crunchy metallic hardcore. Unequaled and proto-typical for the later bands to come. What I can say is not enough.

Anyway have a look at that awesome looking record in some other shots again too:

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  1. vinyl looks ace! i love poison the well's early stuff but hard to come by, when it's about the coloured versions.

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