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POLL: H8000 Downloads Wanted?

Anyway should I be the bad guy and do downloads in order to keep the H8000 sound real and alive! Please answer the poll and leave a comment if you think necessary!

PRO Arguments:

  • People never heard the music I’m talking about.
  • Keeps people from playing their records, keeps them in good shape
  • Is a good introduction only
  • H8000 records are very rare and hard to find, few people own them
  • Yes, my band needs to be heard again
  • will keep it actual for a moment
  • FF Blogspot needs to deal with the competition of Stuck In The Past
  • kills the need temporarily

CON Arguments:

  • A download is crappy quality
  • Spoils the collecting fun
  • should be exclusive to the few owners
  • I want to release those records
  • people need to wait and be patient
  • people need to look for themselves

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