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REAPER RECORDS Random Recent Record Scores

I recently gladly updated my Reaper Records collection. I’m always down to buy records from REAPER RECORDS but they are hard to find and are growing rare quite fast, add to this that I’m in Europe so you get the picture. A thing I like about Reaper Records, besides the real hardcore level, is that the prices aren’t pumped up on ebay.

I think some American labels and bands are financially over-rated and responded to subjectively on ebay. Take Converge and Ceremony vinyl for instance; when a record of these bands gets released on put on ebay people jumped all over it and prices are pumped up. I don’t get excited by all this in contrast too many other collectors. But then I do get excited over REAPER RECORDS releases and jump all over them. I’m lucky I get excited over these, because it’s a minority and prices stay objective… and that’s why I win them. Get what I mean?

Over to the TRAPPED UNDER ICE “Stay Cold” first press rarities:

trapped unde ice stay cold blue vinyl record release version 7 inch

Believe it or not, there are only 50 of these made for the release show.

Numbered on the back

Another one I already had but sold it because the condition could be better.

This is the pre-order version:

trapped under ice stay cold dan higgs cover pre order color vinyl 7 inch

I really like the artwork from Dan Higgs. This one is more common; 227 made.

As a sidenote, I’m missing two other versions that were sold on SOUND & FURY and another festival in the USA. Very rare one, not more than 25 made each… Not mentioned on the pressing info page.

Next up are these two rarer version of the FORFEIT “Visions” 7 inch. I have never featured this one on my blog, but I did the LP. The weird thing about this one is that I somehow predicted after hearing this that they wouldn’t last long. Well, I thought I was wrong but because they released an LP. But a short while after that release, they actually did break up,…

Here’s what I got:

forfeit visions record release version reaper records vinyl 7 inch

See the flyer that came with the record on the right side.

forfeit visions 7 inch pre order version numbered reaper records vinyl 7 inch

The last time I saw this was short after the release on ebay. But recently I had the chance to buy them both at once, so I did!

An interesting fact is that there also a tourpress that isn’t on the pressing info page from REAPER RECORDS.

And many thanks to the seller who waited more than three weeks, and had faith in me when I said I would pay for them… We both kept faith !!!


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