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Reason To Believe

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Finally bought a copy to finally hear this much praised 7 inch. I am old school and buy records to hear them, so also for hearing them a first time. It’s sometimes a guess but it makes it so much more exciting than doing a search on google and risk getting a virus while unzipping the download…

As you might have noticed over the years of RWHAF; I am a little sceptical to what collectors generally praise, like Revelation Records, Youth Crew, NYHC, etc. Collectors have a tendency to all like and want the same things. That’s what increases the demand for a release for sure. But I have always learned not to trust ‘mainstream’ things and feel no part from it. I am not saying collecting is mainstream but in that stream of collecting Hardcore, collecting Revelation, Youthcrew, etc. seems to be the main stream.
Now back on topic, I have checked this record now and say this particular praise is justified, I like it a lot. The song “New Foundation” is so well sung by Jon Bunch, it’s immediately stuck in my head. Great play copy, not sure whether I will be hunting down the coloured versions. Would need the LP “When Reason Sleeps, Demons Dance”… That’s for sure.

2 responses to “Reason To Believe”

  1. So true. I got really really annoyed of watching always the same revelation stuff on social media. So boring. Judge on green, Bold on pink, Chain on clear, Warzone on clear or orange … uaaahhh … pure conformity. Collecting stamps should be more interesting than this.

  2. Love this 7″, which is why I have about 8 copies! Glad you like it. It is indeed a classic.

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