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Reconquered (Part 1)

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More than half a decade ago I wanted to get rid of a part of my 90’s Belgian Hardcore collection. This was because of two reasons. First was because some important people from that scene began to vilify what I was doing. The other reason was because I was unemployed at the same moment. Two different reasons of which the last reason had the most weight.

Good news is that I had the opportunity to buy some of these again recently. And another positive aspect is that the records I was able to buy were definitely condition upgrades compared to those I sold.

First one I got is a near mint copy of the green Spirit Of Youth “Source” LP. The song of this LP were actually written during the year 1993 and recorded on tape by the guitarist Dominiek. Peter Hoeren of Crucial Response Records -their then current label- did not want to release the songs. Because they didn’t fit in his concept of Straight-Edge Hardcore, too groovy and not fast enough. So the songs got abandoned and the band changed in Solid. Luckily these songs got remade and recorded with a different line up on the label Sober Mind Records! Great groovy Hardcore, less metallic than the other releases from that period.

Spirit Of Youth “Source” green vinyl

Another record I got is the purple Spineless LP called “A Talk Between Me And The Stars”. This is also released by Sober Mind Records. I got this one from the main man behind Ieperfest. He invited me at his house to pick up the records, great meet up. The record is in perfect shape and I got the symbolic number 13. This is symbolic because the band had a car accident when they were abroad on tour and had to go to the hospital. Great looking clear purple vinyl numbered out of 35 with the returning classic stamp Sober Mind and Genet Records use. I should be doing a decent review about this.

Sober Mind Records
Spineless “A Talk Between Me And The Stars” LP
purple vinyl, numbered out of 35 copies

Some things were sold like a Blindfold test and the gray “Source” LP, those I will probably never ever get back. For which I feel bummed, but selling those was my own full responsibility.

And yes, there are four more titles I reconquered, these are for the next posts!

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