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Record Collection Outtake: RISE AND FALL (Part 3)

I like Rise And Fall “Into Oblivion” way too much. So I bought this display straight from Reflections Records in Holland. REFLECTIONS Records is the label that released the 1st press or the EU press. In this way I can admire all versions of that press all day long when I am at home.

The next record is the is the record release of the OUR CIRCLE IS VICIOUS LP. Which I just got in the mail today:

rise and fall our cricle is vicious LP tour press record release white bronze splatter vinyl
Rise And Fall “Our Circle Is Vicious”
This version is not mentioned on the PRESSING INFO page from DEATHWISH INC.

Another fine piece though for my RISE AND FALL collection. Believe it or not, there are only 50 in existence!

Stamped, numbered and dated 28/11/09
WHITE with BRONZE Splatter Vinyl

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  1. im not the biggest fan of splatter vinyl, but that record matches perfectly. it doesnt get much better than that.

  2. The record release LP also came with a tote bag, with the date of the show printed on it. And yeah, the LP looks great together with the cover.

  3. Hi Emo! Das lang geleden ! Die totebag moet dan blijkbaar ergens verloren gegaan zijn door een vorige “eigenaar” van deze plaat, heb hem maar via via gekocht! Anyway, good to hear of you again…


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