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RECORD Tables Will Turn this RELEASE

record release cover

A quick post to let know or show that there is a record release version of the TAKE OFFENSE Tables Will Turn LP. It’s a band-made version that uses the Yellow vinyl. The sleeve is a DIY made blank jacket with the black/white artwork glued upon it. Anyway, have a look yourself:

take offense tables will turn record release reaper records vinyl lp
Record release artwork made by the band themselves
Solid yellow vinyl

The aesthetics of the record seem pretty boring to me, but the fact that it exists and is pretty rare (do not know the exact number, since this one is also not mentioned on the Reaper discography page and there’s no numbering on my copy) and the fact that I have it, is exciting enough to make a post about it…

2 responses to “RECORD Tables Will Turn this RELEASE”

  1. Awesome!!! Love all your rare reaper stuff

  2. Any possible way you would sell this to me?

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