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Records, Money and Ethics !

I think collecting nowadays seems to be confused with making easy money. Some people aren’t real and see collecting as a way of making that easy money. Take HAVE HEART for example. What a hype the new live LP was, everybody wanted to have it. As is the case with their debut LP “The Things We Carry”. Luckily Bridge Nine keeps pressing these because the prices of this one got sky-high in just a few years. Makes people believe that they really need this record because they think that prices will stay increasing in the same trend, I think.

That’s just a shame because TTWC really is a very good record that seems to get confused with a good investment. Anyway I look at this different, because even if you have a CHUNG KING in your possession what the hell can you do with it outside the world of punk. At it’s highest you can live two months without having to work, but after that you are a dead man, to scratch a living of streets.

I believe there’s a thin line between doing something for hardcore and making money. That line is very very thin and many people can’t deal with that vagueness. Or they got ripped off and decide to do exactly the same to another person that has nothing to do with that other deal they got ripped off on.

I think collecting is all about communication. If you got ripped off, you really need to address the one that’s ripping you off and not absorb it to later shake it off your back by by ripping someone else off. And the one that fails to keep the trust in trading really needs to think twice, because it’s very selfish to do so. At least have the heart to make a difference and to keep the trust in selling, trading and collecting. And work like you don’t need the money.

If you decide to rip me off, well fine. You’ll get it back twice as hard whether by me or by someone else…

At least I keep the faith!

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