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REPRISAL Boundless Human Stupidity LP


When listing up the Good Life Recordings collection, I see that I’m closer in completing the special editions than completing the regular black editions. As far as a separation of these characteristics is useful. Anyway the Excel-file that I made tells me the following statistics:

My collection is 64% complete, this number was previously larger but the regular cover and black vinyl editions lowered it. This share of records from the Good Life catalog I own, is subdivided in 81% colored vinyl and 19% black vinyl. You can see from this that I mainly focused on those harder to get editions. And that now I need to decide whether to go for black editions or not. These aren’t so hard to find, but every record still has a price and a shipping cost.

I won’t bother that much though, time will tell. And as a matter of fact I already started building up the black vinyl back catalog. And did this by getting two awesome titles from a Japanese seller on classic black.

First one is the REPRISAL “Boundless Human Stupidity”, an Italian stallion of a record. Classic vegan straight-edge hardcore from the glory days of the genre, the 90’s. Did you know that this record has already been reissued? Not on vinyl unfortunately but on a compact disc. It has also been remastered by the current mastering specialist Nicolas Declève. All in all the sound is more oiled and slicker than the original. Don’t know what version I prefer, although there’s a personal tendency towards the old mix.

Also need to say that I have doubts why this one was reissued and not another classic 90’s record. I guess they thought it to be hard enough to compete with the current stomping records. If this would have been the reasoning behind it, I’d regret it. I feel sorry for the rest of the 90’s classics catalog. As to why they didn’t get repressed. There are so many good 90’s goodies that deserve the attention also, regardless of being harder or less hard than the current records!

reprisal boundless human stupidity LP vinyl good life sxe vegan
Classic black vinyl

This record also exists on a sea blue green sort of color. The classic and old fashioned color choosing of the label here, a black and a colored version. I also have the colored version. But for once think that this classic black is better than the colored version.

Vinyl insert shot

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