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Rhythm Amongst The Chaos Test Press


This is the test press of the Rhythm Amongst The Chaos ep from Terror. The Hardcore band Terror was on the forefront of the Hardcore scene during a whole period in time. They toured relentlessly and continuously across the globe for almost a decade. So this record’s title is more than adjust. Music brings rhythm amongst the chaos, that’ the true power of it. The record breeds the above described atmosphere. It’s my favourite record of the band because of that. It was released after “Always The Hard Way”, which represents my favourite period of the band.

Terror “Rhythm Amongst The Chaos” 7 inch test press
back side cover of test press with numbering

The regular versions of this record have a gatefold sleeve and were pressed on two colors. There is also a pre-order version on solid metallic gold with a different cover. And also a stamped cover version out of 20.

Pre-order out of 300 copies (source: label)
most common version out of 2015 copies (source: label)
gold with splatter version out of 680 copies (source: label)
United Blood 2011 stamped cover out of 20 copies (source: label)
vinyl color is gold with splatter

Obviously there is something wrong on the discography page of Reaper Records. My copy looks like the ‘orange’ cover version, much more than the yellow. While the orange cover actually is pale yellow and not orange. So we will have to collect, wait and see what the real deal is.

It was released in 2007 by Reaper Records, a more exact date of pressing can be found on the white test press label. A curiosity is that the stamped date might be interpret in several ways. The European date format is day/month/year while in America they put it in a different order. The Naysayer “No Remorse” test proves to us that Patrick Kitzel (Reaper label manager), puts the date in the European order, since he is from Germany. So this one is most likely also dated in September 2007 and not July.

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