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The RWHAF team is looking for co- or guest-authors. If you listen to Hardcore music – in the broad sense of the word – and want to write about that, then this might be your opportunity to do so. RWHAF is in the branch since 2008 and has done coverage of various aspects of Hardcore in the past and needs you to keep doing so in the future.

The framework in which we want to operate in the future is as follows:

Collecting: Coverage of collecting records: looking, searching, negotiating over and buying records. If you want to write about that your always welcome here.
Purchase-guiding: If you want to guide people to a purchase, this site might be the ideal place to be. Always looking for things and want to share what you find and you are not buying it for yourself, hint it here. You might make others happy in the meanwhile!
Reviews are still the life-blood of the musical world. Formulate your opinion and knowledge about a release and contribute to the perception of Hardcore music.
Show reports: You went to an awesome show? Tell people who weren’t there everything about your live-experience. Or start a debate with other people who were there. Give feedback to band’s performances.

The personal profile we are looking for is people who are dedicated to publishing on the internet. You are willing to build up a democratic knowledge base and value the correctness of data above the sensational value. You are dedicated to Hardcore and spent lots of time listening to it, going to shows, you take time to buy and choose certain releases.

English is a language that you write fluently, you are able to make yourself clear in it. And have interest in further developing your skills of English.

What do I need to do to start writing for RWHAF? You contact me with an English email with answers to the following personal questions.

  1. What is your background in Hardcore?
  2. Why do you want to write for RWHAF?
  3. How much input you are estimating to deliver. Daily post, weekly post, monthly post?
  4. And in which part of the above framework you are mainly going to write. Will it be Purchase guiding, writing reviews of older stuff or newer stuff, collectors post (collection photo’s, pressing info, purchase experiences, rarities, etc.) or are you going to contribute to showreports?

How will it work? Everybody  that contacts me answers all off the four personal questions. If you are coming into consideration I will ask you to write an example post. Then you will be selected or not…

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