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Shame To This Weakness Modern World LP


Straight from Japan this record came in the mail. Hell, what can I say for a 30€ postage included this was not a bad deal. Especially for it’s unplayed condition and the sleeve is not bad either. But enough buying details already.

Lets get over as to why I was looking for this such a long time, long enough to be very happy with the black version. This one is even rarer than the debut full-length. The music on this one is so divers and violently sick that even trained aural violence music listeners like me don’t stay immune for it. Even after all these years.

length of time shame to this weakness modern world lp black vinyl good life recordings
LENGTH OF TIME Shame To This Weakness Modern World LP

The songs are build up in piece of music themes varied with excerpts of movies and every piece seems to have it’s own character. So creative is every part that it stays carved in your memory forever. Fragmented music might be the mirror of the soul of many of us. Fragments might also be a reflection of the everchanging face of many, everchanging ideals or everchanging tastes, etc.
Like in a modern day society what LENGTH OF TIME seems to be willing to fight against. These sounds are the ideal themes for a mindset of demonic and jagged destructive visions. Agonizing you with the screams and the pounding and smashing drums, metallic guitar riffs. The only thing you can do to react against this agonizing delivery is mosh violently or get infected by this aggressive to the bone record… But enough of this figurative description.

Awesome GOLD and Black ink artwork

This is definitely a Holy Terror band from the late 90’s, looking at the subjects of their mindset and the imagery of the artwork used. Also a bit underrated I think for Length Of Time’s best record. Definitely sicker, meaner and more violent than their debut full-length, also more divers, etc…

Recently GOOD LIFE RECORDINGS  – that is the label that originally released this in ’99 – did an already sold out run of 41 copies of the CD… I haven’t got it. Also think this was a bit to few. If it would be reissued on vinyl I’d be going for this one madly.

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