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Speech & Amazing Record

In this post I have several things to say. First of all a reply to my previous post. In that post I sent my anger into cyberspace. I’m sure that can’t hurt or it’s the least harmful thing to do with anger. Some people though, were confused or scared about that. I know it’s not my usual thing to post but I’m only human so….
Enough about that, the second thing I’d like to point out is that after selling a bunch of very good records, I don’t know if I’m richer or poorer. I have a huge amount of money (but not enough to release a decent record) but I don’t have the records no more. So I think I’m poorer for that. BUT I made people happy, so for that I’m richer in person. So the thing to do is not spending the money, but keeping it safe on my bank account until the time is right to get in touch with a band I totally like and then propose a cooperation! That’s it about my sale!

Another thing I’d like to point out is the ugliness of record store day! A lot maniacs out for money bought several record to flip with a large margin of profit on ebay! People almost killed each other I think. That’s what I don’t like about collecting. Because you actually didn’t do anything all the work is done by the bands, labels and pressing plants. So my message is, don’t act like a scavenger but act like a constructive collector. With that I mean DO something for the music world. Like gather pressing info, make reviews, share your experiences, educate the right things to kids.

On the other hand collectors are constructive to the world of music because they actually still pay for music. Paying for music, you say? Don’t be ridiculous, I download my music! Well I need to repeat that this is a sad evolution, unless you are a 100% certain that money is no longer of use on this planet. I mean, if you are listening to music, people need to make that music and other people need to promote and distribute that music! That takes effort, knowledge, time, skills, etc. You just steal their work by not wanting to pay for all these action that are necessary to bring this sound, message and music to you. Is that so hard to understand or to live with? I guess not!

So if yo want to keep listening to music bands, labels and stores need money and you need to be so kind to reward or support them by paying for music! Anyway, if you still think it’s not necessary you also think that money is no longer needed in this branch or you aren’t consequent with your actions!

That’ being said I will show you what an alien I am because I paid for this music and these music-bearers!

AmenRa / Black Heart Rebellion Split LP

This is a one-sided gem from a series of three splits to be released by INIT Records from the USA. Finally this amazing band from Belgium called AMENRA gets recognition of our American friends, otherwise it wouldn’t be pressed by them.
Actually I got this thanks to an add from SOULSLAYER store on facebook! SOULSLAYER e-store is a new effort from Vincent RISE AND FALL. As I said the record is the first from a series of three splits on vinyl. The next (which is already available for pre-order) is with the almighty band HIVE DESTRUCTION that came from the ashes of LIAR H8000. And that’s not the only cool thing about that three-piece, because the third will be with my favorite BLIND TO FAITH!

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