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Stigmata "There Is No Mercy Here" Live 7 Inch

The never ending stream of good Reaper Records releases is still ongoing. But this time it’s one of the relatively better releases that I got in the mail today. It’s a live performance of a long existing band from New York, STIGMATA. The show took place on May, 24 this year.

I was already familiar with the band in the past, because Final Beatdown Recordings released an LP of the band. Although I have never seen them live, it seems they sound even better that way, after hearing this. It proofs that they still have what they got to bring forth the amazing atmosphere of a true Hardcore show.

The artwork is also cool, it’s a live shot that is taken from the stage, visualizing the band from behind and the crowd from at front. Its’s black and white but I can totally breath the atmosphere. It’s actually so cool that I also bought the shirt with the same artwork.

stigmata there is no mercy here vinyl 7 inch reaper records
Shirt and 7 inch package
Numbered Out Of 500 copies

If someone can provide me more info on the bands that were playing, I’d be stoked to know. Unfortunately this seems only a small piece of the performance. Would be cool if it were complete. But it’s cool enough for me and I already appreciate the record for bringing that awesome atmosphere in my home. There is no download included so you have to play the record but this brings only good to the experience of listening.

I’d say recommended!

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