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Strength Through Unity

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Besides all the bad mouth that is now spread by Rick Ta Life on the internet, there was a moment when his main band – called 25 Ta Life – was actually a good live act back in the 90’s. Also the record-titles that got released by Good Life were their maturest delivery. And in my opinion not bad at all. Still collecting them casually. Although if they wouldn’t have been part of the Good Life Recordings roster I had probably forgot all about them.

Also their debut ep on Striving For Togetherness is not that bad at all. Together with Good Life Recordings, Striving For Togetherness were good labels of the nowadays reviving 90’s. Although both labels can’t be compared according to the size of their roster.

Seeing the picture beneath you can’t deny all this…

White vinyl
transitional vinyl
brown vinyl
green vinyl
picture disc
black vinyl

The important lesson of this all is that even how many records you’ve put out and shows you have done, a bad attitude always comes back to you. What goes around comes around, they say.Another question is whether NYHC would have stayed popular without the bridge made by this band between now and the 80’s. The eighties were the decade NYHC was at it’s peak. And in the 90’s this band was the main flag-bearer of the genre.

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