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Strife "One Truth" LP repress

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Together with the previously discussed titles I also bought the Strife “One Truth” LP in the Victory Records order. Strife was a well-known Hardcore band back in the 90’s. The record is entitled “One Truth” and dates from the year 1994. This white vinyl version is the most recent colored repress. It’s a weird law but somehow the more popular bands back in the days get less recognition from collectors nowadays? Or am I wrong with this? Depends on to what one was listening of course.

Strife had this agony-filled delivery that is stereotypical of the 90’s decade. The tempo swings and the multiple vocals create an ambiance that I like now and then.

Strife “One Truth” (front cover) 2016 repress
Strife “One Truth” (back over) 2016 repress
Strife “One Truth” white vinyl repress

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