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One of the harder to find records of REAPER RECORDS has landed in my mailbox today. I’m actually looking for this one since fall 2008, when I saw it first on eBay in Japan. I sometimes surprise myself, when realizing how I can keep memorizing records and their numbers made. This one is a good example that.
It’s actually since Fall 2008 that I saw this record listed somewhere. Recently I saw it in someones tradelist but this dude was trying to scam me out of money by asking way too much for it, but I didn’t buy it because of that. And when I saw it listed on eBay two weeks ago, I immediately knew I needed to get it.

I’m way too much ahead of my game to let someone scam me out on a record nowadays. My exact words to the person who asked way too much for it were; on eBay you’d never get such a price for it. So I waited. And luckily it appeared soon after that. I made my bid 6 days before auction’s end and there were some bids increasing the price a bit, but I still won it. I’m not someone to be out on the cheapest possible prices. Won’t get into that game.

Anyway the record isn’t such a big deal, but I’m glad to have it (finally). It’s Reaper Records #14 and out of 100 copies, which in Reaper-terms isn’t so limited; certainly for a long forgotten band as FORFEIT. Just a lot of personal frenzy around it I guess.

forfeit visions 7 inch summer tour cover limited vinyl reaper records
Summer Tour cover for FORFEIT “Visions”
number 39/100 

Don’t know what the cover is supposed to say, looks like a deformed face of a man with a pea-cock picking in his head from above… This one isn’t mentioned on the Reaper Records website, but I think with this addition my collection of this title is -except the test pressing- complete now!

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  1. i'm out for a regular copy of this for quite some time. i'll get it for a price i want to pay for it eventually. some day… 🙂 your copy looks great with the special cover. colour looks good!

  2. J@screamingforrecords, the Reaper discography page (in need of a update) is more complete due to Willem's help! He's always pointing out things that are missing haha


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