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Take Offense Peace In Death 7 inch

Most people like the first LP and dislike the second. While there’s also a 12 inch ep on the market. But nobody seems to care or have this 7 inch of TAKE OFFENSE. Although I’ve never seen it on a collector’s blog. That’s a shame, if you like hardcore and their earlier work you should listen to this one. It’s called “Peace In Death”.

Looks good on that solid gold vinyl. Not a color of ‘gold’ that you see much also. Mostly it’s clear gold and vegas gold. Have a look at it and judge for yourself.
Gold out of 100 copies
Mind Disease Records
The tracks on it are really that typical TAKE OFFENSE style but here they sound rawer than on other recordings. Take Offense really sound different on every release, that’s odd but cool in a way also. 
The cover’s color scheme isn’t that good on the front, but the design regardless of colors is cool. People worshipping the grim reaper!


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