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Recently REAPER RECORDS released a haul of records that already existed but but later got an asset that makes them more special! They stamped about 12 of the recent releases with a UNITED BLOOD stamp to sell at the festival in case!

That’s interesting but the cruel thing is that they are all out of 20 only and that they weren’t sold outside of that festival! That means I have to collect them all from people who went to UNITED BLOOD in 2011! As you know that’s an American festival so I need to trade with people from the USA to get them! Plain logic….

terror keepers of the faith 7 inch united blood stamp limited reaper records
United Blood STAMP /20

It was a small trade but a very cool American university student who sent it to me!

Another REAPER Records find is one that I’m looking for a long time already, not that the price held me from buying it, it was rather the fact that it’s hard to find. I’m glad to have the pre-order version of the meaningful RHYTHM AMONGST THE CHAOS 7″. Hardcore is nothing but that; rhythm amongst the chaos!

terror rhythm amonst the chaos 7 inch gold vinyl pre -order reaper records
Metallic Gold vinyl with a special sleeve

I now have three version of this record and I’m loving it!


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