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The Condition Upgrade

H8000 records are pretty hard to find, as I said numerous times before, let stand finding copies that are in decent condition. Recently I found on ebay some copies that were strictly graded (probably according to the goldmine standards) VG. Well since these records are hard to find I bought them and the price was also very reasonable, I saw no reasons to hesitate.

Well a few days later, in less than a week the records arrived. And it was to my pleasant surprise a giant condition update. Let the pictures speak for themselves:

Same counts for the SHORTSIGHT “Why Spend Time Learning” EU-press on Machination:

Quite a difference isn’t it? Very much more fun too have them now. I also got a few other jewels from the same seller:

The ENCOUNTER / BLINDFOLD is also a double but not a condition upgrade as I hoped. Still some ringwear:

But also a WORLD OF FOOLS 7″ with a stamp color I’ve never seen before (fluorescent pink):


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