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The Reaper Records Files

I received an interesting file straight out of the Reaper Records headquarters. It concerns a Photoshop file on which you can see how the labels of a vinyl record come to being. 
Outer dotted line is bleed, extend all background images to this line.(=bleed line)
Middle solid line is cut line, this is where the art will be cut. (=trim line)
Inner dotted line is safety margin, keep all important elements within this line. (=safety line)
Keep “Guided” layer locked, work only on “Art” layer, or new layers you create.
As you read, there are several terms you need to know when you design a label of a certain record.
Another thing you can see is that the company provides plates to work on and that the designer of Reaper Records needs to respect these lines.
When the artwork is done, the file is sent to the record pressing plant with the desired quantity of records to be pressed and the color, after handing over the music master ofcourse.
I would like to say thanks to PK for giving me this inside scoop and permission, ofcourse I need to share this to my readership and along with that you now know that there will be a COLORED pressing of Down To Nothing’s latest release “All My Sons” on Reaper for the first time and with again other vinyl labels.
The previous presses were all on black and the differences lay in the vinyl labels:
  • Pre-order was black / white labels and a different cover also B/W, sleeve can fold open at top
  • regular first pressing was full color labels and full color sleeves with another picture on the front. Also the sleeve opens at top, but doesn’t fold
  • Second press were the same b/w labels on both sides except for the b-side, this was stamped with pressing info and bat insignia
Keep your eyes peeled for that 7″ to drop amongst other great stuff in the REAPER RECORDS store.

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